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LoL Comix is a group of comics in a group of 1 company. Some of these include: Bob Comix, Super Scottish Scotty and so much more! (To see today's news, than press here.) This is a fun hobby. To see recent wiki activity press here.

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Lol comix is a place where you can just sit back and laugh. 8 kids make these comics, and with there brilliant minds, they can make anyone laugh! The main series is Bob Comix. Bob Comix has the most books, detail, and much more! Be sure to read them. We also have meetings every month for all the members. (Members know who they are.) Lol Comix is made from the members of ROFL Studios.

Latest activity

Tyler has quit.

A new video sure to make you laugh!thumb|300px|right

Lol comix (title)

Lol Comix

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